The Witch and the Witcher….

A young man came riding from the yores of oldtown.
He said his wife had gone missing, she went missing at sundown.
She had been last seen, going to the woods where the witch lay
He begged me to find her, said he’d double my pay.
I wandered till I found her, in her house where she lay
I found her body cold, she’d been dead for about a day

Her eyes pure black, just like her heart
Her corpse pale white,she was killed by the dark arts.

Looking at this girl, I couldn’t help but wonder.
How many did the witch claim? It makes a man ponder.

But before I could blink, I saw darkness behind me.
I’d fallen into her trap, she said “I’ve found thee”
‘My soul is not for the taking’ I shouted back at this abomination.
As I unsheathed my silver I said I’ve come to end this damnation.

Many monsters,demons and trolls I’ve killed.
I won’t need to deal with you, my silver will.
Little did she know the magic my sword held
It was no match for her potions and her spells.
As I lashed forward and cut through her phantom figure
From this day forth I’ll be known as Geralt the ‘Witcher

Was inspired to write this short piece after playing The Witcher 3, with Geralt of Rivia as the main character.  Amazing and beautiful game, with a mesmerizing story behind it. 



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