Paris is always a good idea…

He had me pinned down by surprise. I was still trying to gather my senses about what was happening and as I started to come back to reality I realised I was being attacked. He was holding my neck, trying to choke the life out of me. I retaliated, two hard jabs to his ribs with my dominant hand and another two more from the other; weakening his ribcage.  Having little time to spare I rocked myself and turned the tables; literally. I flipped him over and came on top. I kept instinctively blocking each and every unprofessional punch he threw.

I shouted ‘I don’t want to fight you, this will not end well,’

Yet he persevered (a quality which isn’t useful in times like this). Without further a do. I punched his face in, and as I did I felt the crunching of the cartilage in his nose; hadn’t felt that in a while.

I got up and walked away dusting myself, thinking that he’d leave me alone. But to his misfortune, he decided to come running at me. And as he came closer I realised I should end this right now. So I let him throw his ridiculous haymaker to the left as I countered by grabbing his arm, twisting it and then making use of the exposed abdominals. I kneed the already weakened rib cage and then twisted him around and kicked him into the Seine.

‘Oh what an eventful night’, I thought to myself. I’ve had worse. But I was trying to figure out why he had been prompted to attack me. Was this the work of one man? Or forces that can’t be seen?

It was 11:00 PM and I started to feel really tired and worn out, I glanced up from my watch and took in my surroundings. You start to really understand why they call it La Ville Lumière, because the entire city looks beautiful at night. It truly was the city of love. It was my first night in Paris, I was told there was room booked for me at Le Grand Hotel.

I checked in and was shown my room. To help myself unwind, I poured myself a glass of single malt, and put some music on. Then I unpacked and got ready for bed. Just as I was about to get into bed, the telephone rang, it was 12:56 AM.

I answered, ‘Hello?’

‘Is this  Monsieur Felix?’ , It was a lady.


‘I’m terribly sorry for disturbing you at this time of the night, I tried calling you earlier but there was no answer. Monsieur Richard wants to let you know that we’re meeting for lunch tomorrow at the Café de la Rotonde at 1:00 PM’ 

‘Thank you for the message, and you are?’

‘You’re most welcome, my name is Christelle, sorry once again, Bonne nuit Monsieur!’

‘Bonne nuit, Mademoiselle’.

It was 7 o’clock in the morning, as I got up out of bed my neck felt a bit stiff after last night’s scuffle. After getting dressed I headed down for breakfast. As I went downstairs I was stopped by the concierge and he handed me a telegram.

After I ate, I headed back to my room. I opened the telegram. It read –


I was quite curious as to why I had been delivered the same message twice. I accidentally held the telegram up against the sunlight and then saw a phone number on it, what a cliche covert thing to do. I dialled and Richard answered,

‘Bonjour Felix, I presume all is well.

‘Bonjour Richard, everything is fine.I got your message this morning. A little curious as to why your contact Miss Christelle called me and delivered the same message last night.’

‘Who’s Miss Christelle? only you and I are meeting today Felix, there’s no third person.’

‘Then who the bloody hell is Christelle? and how does she know about our rendezvous?’

‘I don’t know Felix, let’s have a small change on plans. Lets meet near the Louvre, I’ll be wearing a navy blue blazer and I’ll most probably be reading a magazine’

‘Alright I’ll see you there then,  Au Revoir’

‘Au Revoir Felix’.





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  1. Ended halfway abruptly, right? Plot is quite intriguing. Would love to hear the rest of it. ❤👌


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