A New York Minute

As the rain tapped on his window, weariness started to take over. He accepted it as a form of relief. It had been a long time since he’d gotten any sleep. This new case had him working in the office all day. Just him, a glass of bourbon and his cigar.

Then the phone rang,  he answered “Andy, we got another homicide down 47th Street,  need you to come down here immediately,”  He got up, grabbed his hat and coat, finished his glass of bourbon and headed downstairs.

Meet Andrew Wayne, head detective of the homicide dept of the NYPD. A simple but passive guy. Not many people know about his family or background. They just know that he liked to talk very little, drink good bourbon and work all day .

It was 1.15 am, the city was cold and dark, gave you eerie feeling of serenity mixed with dread. New York was bustling with many crimes. But this recent string of murders had caught Andy’s attention. This was the 7th murder they’d found. Most of the victims were young girls, and some prostitutes. Once he reached the crime scene, there was blood everywhere, it was quite a mess. The officer there came to Andy and said, “This was reported in just about half-an-hour ago, the victim suffered the same injuries as the others, and no money stolen. Again.”

As he walked closer to the body whilst examining the crime scene, the forensic officer jotted down details,

‘Female, age mid 20’s, no identification on her, MO matches the previous victims. Severe blunt force trauma to the head, and several stab wounds. Looks like she had been alive till the head injuries’

. Andy lifted the cover to see her face, ‘What kind of a sick bastard does this..’

‘Joe, get the forensic & autopsy report in by tomorrow morning. Find out who she is, we need leads.’

Joe,was one of the detectives present.

‘Where are you going Andy?’

“I’m going home now, I want to try and get some sleep”.

Back at home, Andy thought to himself, ‘This guy is good, he knows his way with a blade and is smart enough to clear his tracks leaving very little evidence. Where could this sicko be?’. The media dubbed him the ‘Midnight Stalker’. Reports suggested that the ‘Midnight Stalker’ has a very specific Modus Operandi. He usually cuts, stabs or flays them just a little bit to make them suffer but live. Then usually beats them up and makes the victim die from head injuries. Previous reports showed that this is all done in a window of 15-20 minutes. Not a single eye witness.

Andy called up some of his friends to find out what the gossip on the streets were. ‘Ace‘ a.k.a Mr. Alistair Garner was Andy’s long time friend. He was formerly an infamous businessman, known gangster and philanthroper.

‘Ace! How you been doing, its been a while.’

‘it definitely has Andy, I hear you’re a big man at the department now, everything is good on this side of town, what about you?’

‘everything is fine here as well. I called you to ask you something regarding, Well I guess you’ve heard, the ‘Midnight Stalker’, I want to know what you know about this guy,’

‘Well Andy, as far as what my boys say, word on the streets are that this freak is definitely not from here. Supposedly one or two of my guys have heard this guy speak and maybe got a glimpse of him.’

‘Could we arrange to speak to your guys? Usual deal, right Ace?’

‘For sure Andy, anything for a brother. Tomorrow morning down at the docks 8am sound good?

‘Perfect, I’ll be there sharp. Stay safe Ace, watch yourself out there. Goodnight.’

‘You know I ain’t afraid of anything! Goodnight’.

As Andy put the phone down, he ashed his cigarette,took a warm bath and headed to bed.



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