The Anarchist.

Everything we go through is for a reason
Even if you tried to think otherwise, no it wouldn’t be treason
You think that I care? I must be misleading
Because if I did, I would definitely be interfering

The times that I’ve cared amounts to zero
I’m better off a villain ,cause I’m tired of being a hero.
Its gets really tiring helping all these people
But I wouldn’t go against them either, cause thats illegal

I think I’ll stop here and say no more
But will the crowd shout and say; “Encore?”
Well if thats the case I’ll keep on going
Because I know the words get better as they keep flowing.

Well they really like to call me the Anarchist
I see beauty in things, I’m actually an artist
I’m the nicest, smartest, and kindest.
I’m a rare kind of anarchist, you probably wouldn’t know this.


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  1. ENCORE 😉

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