I am the Sheep Dog

I hold my breath, and snuggle the trigger.
Looking down my sights, I see the targets getting bigger
I see three men, filled with ferocity.
Little do they know that I come from the land of the free.

I’ve been blessed with the skill of watching the flock
I am the sheep dog, my God is my rock.
My eyes are weary but my soul is awake
As I fire, just know that, I take lives, not create.

All my training has helped me to not move an inch
Win or lose, don’t worry, I won’t even flinch.
I’ve had my brothers fall right down beside me
Their lives I will avenge, don’t worry I guarantee.

Hidden in the shadows, I watch their six
I am the over-watch, I reduce conflict.
They sure must wonder, why they get shot by a man they can’t see
Little do they know that man is me.

The spoils of war is all that remains,
Is that enough to justify all the men & women that are no more sane?
The scars don’t fade, neither does the sound of artillery
We didn’t fight for ourselves, we fought for liberty.

In memory of Chief Petty Officer, Chris Kyle (April 8th 1974 – February 2nd 2013)




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