No Lover. No Friend.

Days passed, months and years
I sent her letters, and had yet to hear
Did she get them or did she not
Because it wasn’t me that she sought

Then after many a day
I heard the townsfolk whisper and say
Bad news had spread
That my moon and stars, had wound up. Dead.

Was this fiction, was this a lie?
As I stay here keeping my feelings inside
Not knowing whether our future was bright or bleak
Because she is no more with us, no words can she speak

So I’ll bask in sorrow and lay here bare
Hold back the tears and try not to stare
Because my love is being buried six feet deep,
What else can I do? But watch and weep.

Now time has passed I’m here again
Living an empty life, no lover, no friend.
And as I also waste away ,I won’t pretend.
My time has come, this is the end.


Continuation of ‘She was my Moon & Stars


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