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Mercedes Benz. Timeless
Mercedes Benz. Timeless

We live in a world where hybrid engines are opted over the combustion engine, being a musician no longer requires much talent, and where your smartphone is probably smarter than you.

Think of it. A decade ago, we couldn’t have fathomed the extent to which the world would develop to. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? No longer do we need to rely on human skill and intelligence, as we have our computers, our smartphones, and what not. Have we set in motion our very own destruction? Or are we taking the very first steps into the future.

Personally I love cars and everything there is to love about them.The exhilarating feel of speeding, shifting gears with good clutch work, the sound of an engine roaring like music to your ears and sound pollution to the public.In this day and age we have reached technological milestones with automatic gearboxes, alternative engines, and ‘smart’ cars. But, let me ask you? What makes a car. A car? Is it the silent hybrid engine going about like its nobody’s business, is it the automatic gearbox which is more boring than trying to watch the Twilight Series in one night or is it the burning of petrol without care in the world. It isn’t either one of those. As much as I am a supporter of going green and reducing the harmful effects of Co2 emissions to our beloved planet. I also do love cars. And cars, well they are harmful to you. But then again so is drinking, smoking, and excessive money. But that didn’t stop you from wanting either of those.

If I were to ask you, yes you. When was the last time you drove just for the fun of it. Just an open road, enough fuel ,and just you and the car. Think of it, we get so engulfed in our daily lives that we forget how fun it is to actually drive a car. Maybe you spend your mornings stuck in traffic listening to the latest pop song on the radio and the occasional (frequent) honking here and there. Yes, that applies to you as well, you with the German performance car. The daily commute isn’t something we can avoid. To maybe try counter it , take a nice drive on the weekends, just you and your car. But what do you drive? First compare the modern automobile stands, the price of fuel and your income. Well what do you do? You’ve got depreciated Mercedes Benz S600’s with hefty V12 engines from 2001 that costs less than a brand new Toyota Camry. Well the Merc sounds good, but a V12 might not get you a lot of kilometers per litre (You think?), where as a Prius might. But heck, who wants a prius right?
Lucky for us (yes you too), so many car makers have now opted to having hybrid engines. You name it they all do – McLaren, Mercedes , BMW, Porsche, Ferrari (No I’m not lying), and so many more brands who are known to deliver more speed rather than fuel efficiency. Starting off with Mercedes, they offer hybrid versions of their most popular models, being the : C Class, E Class, S Class. Which all come in a hybrid version. And just because they’re hybrid, does not mean they are under performing cars. Well in the best of the German automakers interest they’ve found a politically correct way to add more horsepower to your vehicle without the harmful effects. Happy? Your diesel-hybrid E300 could keep up with an E63 AMG, without much fuel wasted and effort. Same story with BMW, but they are more into the electric vehicle market as well , their first two being the i8 & i3 .

But I want a good looking exotic!” No worries chap, Porsche, McLaren, and Ferrari have got it covered. With the Porshce 918 , McLaren P1 , and the La Ferrari. Seems too good to be true? Well for the most part, The 918 wastes less fuel than a Prius. Facts prove it! The Porsche does a combined fuel mileage of 30- 32 Kilometer per litre (About 75 mpg). Sounds nice? Yes if you don’t mind the hefty price tag starting from $845,000, which is, very expensive. Bit too much? Well its fast, very fast. Looks good, a nice balance struck between futuristic and realistic. Won’t cost you much to drive about.

Here’s the part to those of you who loves stick shifts and a good ol’ clutch. Why did people make the automatic gearbox? Well they say necessity is the mother of invention and yes, mankind moves forward by finding easier ways to do things (Being lazy is a trait developed from that). So yes it is true, that driving a stick shift in the pouring rain, after work, and in heavy traffic isn’t quite fun is it? Those are moments where you wouldn’t mind trading for an automatic gearbox. But what about moments where you’re cruising down an open road out of town. Your Fast and the Furious skills kick in and you’re shifting gears like its nobody’s business.

But nevertheless, there is an in between, a panacea, a lukewarm point. Because truth is, more and more ‘performance’ cars are coming without your orthodox stick shift. Now they come with dual clutches, paddle shifts, and magical onboard computers that shift gears faster than you. What they’ve done is, that they have retained the basic function of a stick shift, which is to have total control of your car, without all the other complicated things that come with it. For instance, there isn’t a physical clutch and gears are changed by your fancy paddles. Well it is good in a way because ease of use has to also be there. But for those of you who feel even lazier, well just switch it to automatic mode, and drive.

But to be honest I myself prefer a real physical gearbox and clutch. I know a lot of you would agree with me. Sad to say we are the minority. And the only option left for us is old cars. Well look to the bright side, depreciation is in our favour and you can get an old E39 M5 for a sweet bargain and drive it all you want. Even if you’re a family man. No worries, drive your S350 Hybrid on weekdays (in triptronic of course), And on the weekends take your BMW M4 out for a spin to feel a bit younger than you already are, am I right?

Well that’s it for now.

Thanks for reading.

Akarsha W.




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  1. Excellent article the facts are accurate and its easy to understand


  2. Wow im impressed :’)


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